[Auckland] Waterfront at Night

Way back I wrote about the Fish Market and Wynyard Quarter which is a cool place to have lunch and people watch. But did you know it’s also a really nice spot at night?

Back in the days all this area was an unloved industrial area just taking up precious seafront real estate. But the city council in all its wisdom saw potential to redevelop it as a leisure and dining precint, while keeping the industrial vibe. Whimsical port containers are used as a mobile library, information centres and toilets. The silos are retained and painted over. There’s a gantry that rewards you with a pretty good view across the harbour and into the city.

In summer there’s usually a bunch of food trucks in Silo Park, and you can go up the gantry to watch the sun go down.

North Wharf at night
North Wharf at night

Going further towards the city is this cool pedestrian bridge called Wynyard Crossing Bridge that draws up to let boats pass. In this area you can sit around on these massive timber benches and watch the city.

Wynyard Crossing Bridge
Wynyard Crossing Bridge

I definitely think that this area is one of the coolest spots to take visitors to Auckland. Many of the iconic Auckland things can be seen from here like the Skytower. The night lights also makes it a really nice spot for things like romantic walks with a loved one or even a solitary stroll to clear your head.

If you ever visit, please drop by on a fine evening, breathe in the fresh Auckland sea air and enjoy the view! Have a taco or two from the food trucks too if they happen to be around.



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