[Dubai] Sunset at At.mosphere Bar

Burj Khalifa, highest building in the world. Of course you have to go up the top to see what kind of view this gives you.

The most popular way to do this is to go to At The Top Dubai, which is a viewing platform at Level 125. If you pay a bit extra you also have access to Level 148. But this is not what we chose to do in the end.

For roughly the same amount of money as minimum spend, you can go to the At.mosphere Bar at Level 122. I figured the view would be only marginally different compared to Level 148. This means similar dirhams spent for similar view, but we get cocktails and some bar snacks! We went for some fish tacos that were delicious but felt a bit too small!

The view though… we timed our visit with the sunset and what a magnificent sunset it was. It was a bit hazy but you can see Burj Al Arab and The Palm from where we sat. I suppose at Level 155 The Palm will be more obvious. But still, very cool.

View from At.mosphere Bar.
View from At.mosphere Bar. You can see Burj Al Arab and The Palm!

A few drinks and nibbles later, it was properly dark and we could enjoy the at.mospheric (hehe…) view of night city lights. Here’s the view from the smoking area of the bar.

The streets come alive at night
The streets come alive at night

One word about the smoking area. We stayed at the non-smoking area but there was no partition between the two different parts, so every now and then the smell of cigarettes actually wafted through which defeated the purpose of having a non-smoking area. Having a door to properly separate the two areas I think would improve the experience a lot for people that don’t like the smell of smoke.

Eventually we headed down back to Dubai Mall to head home. The Dubai Fountains happened to be doing the fountain dance routine that they do. It’s quite mesmerising; here is a bonus shot for you.

Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain

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