[Dubai] Abra Across The Water

No, this is not a Pokemon post. But since I am the king of bad puns at home and at work, see if you can spot the terrible Pokemon jokes I manage to slip today.

Abras are wooden motorised water taxis that can transfer you across the Dubai Creek for a mere 1 AED (about 40c NZ). Such an affordable way for a fun ride and a great way to experience the city, it’s like the price of candy!

I always enjoy getting amongst the locals when travelling by using public transport, and for me this is ranked way up there along with the Hong Kong Star Ferry and the Auckland Transport Northern Express bus. OK, maybe not that last one.

So some details… There are 2 main routes that are used for the creek crossing, boarding at designated abra stations. The first travels between the Bur Dubai Abra Station and Deira Old Souk Abra Station (near Spice Souk).  The second is slightly further east between Dubai Old Souk Abra Station and Sabkha Abra Station (near Baniyas Square).

Dubai Abra
The multitude of abras criss-crossing the Dubai Creek… they get really close!
Dubai Abra setting forth in late afternoon sun
Dubai Abra setting forth in late afternoon sun

Although modes of transport are always evolving, with mass rapid transit and such, it’s awesome that traditional abras like this can exist, and be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. It definitely doesn’t feel touristy and the money goes into the local community. I hope that these abras will continue to be part of the Dubai tradition to be experienced for many years to come.

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