[Dubai] Wandering Around the Souks

If you want to go shopping, but you’re after something a bit different from malls, you can head to the traditional souks around old Dubai. They are very atmospheric and can even be a pleasant stroll.

Textile Souk

Go here for your pashmina needs… We bought so many and you’re expected to haggle a little here! All in good fun! I was even almost persuaded to buy a set of local dress (dishdasha and kandura), but since I already got a set of Omani dress I decided to pass this one up!

Rugs at the Dubai Textile Souk
Rugs at the Dubai Textile Souk
Pashmina and other knick knacks at the Textile Souk
Pashmina and other knick knacks at the Textile Souk
How to rock the kandura!

Spice Souk

Well we weren’t in Dubai to do any cooking since we were only here for such a short amount of time! However, a stroll down the Spice Souk was quite refreshing! The aroma of secret herbs and spices (the good kind) was super fragrant and the area was bustling with people doing their grocery shopping the local way.

Secret herbs and spices at the Spice Souk

Gold Souk

This is probably the most popular out of all the traditional Dubai souks. Dubai is definitely a good place to snatch a bargain for gold due to its tax-free status. One general rule is to check the price of the base gold per gram based on its karat. The price is readily available, either on the Internet or at various info screens at the souk. Then add extra cost for the design of jewellery.

So much gold… at the Gold Souk

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