[HK] Hong Kong Cityscapes

We crashed into bed early on our first night in Hong Kong. The jetlag and overexertion did us in finally. But a good night’s sleep did wonders and by 6am the next morning we  were raring to go. The day’s plan consisted of going to The Peak and heading across the water to Kowloon.

If there was any travel advice I could impart on this medium about HK travel, go to The Peak early! We aimed for opening time, it was a leisurely stroll on quiet HK streets in the morning. There was no queue. Still full trams though. It was really fun experiencing the tram being pulled upwards on this extremely steep incline.


HK Peak Tram
Leafy tram ride toward the Peak!

Being the cheap tourists that we are, we skipped the extra fees to go to the observation level of the Sky Terrace. There is a nice trail around the Peak that offers glimpses of the city.

HK cityscape from The Peak
HK cityscape from The Peak
View from The Peak
View from The Peak

Once we descended back into the city, we hopped across to Kowloon by MTR. The amount of high density housing in this part of the world is truly staggering. This would take some getting used for a kiwi country boy like me.

Kowloon apartments
Kowloon apartments
Kowloon highrises
Kowloon highrises

We returned back to HK island via Star Ferry, truly one of the world’s best value for money when it comes to water transport! For a measly HKD2, you get to sit in a characterful boat for a short crossing of body of water, while soaking in the gloriously urban view that is Hong Kong.

HK cityscape from the Star Ferry
HK cityscape from the Star Ferry

Stay tuned for the next episode which where we finally check out the UAE.

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