Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

One of the cool things about being a parent is that things that I used to find fun when I was small, and then found boring in my young adult life, are now fun again. Apparently sea aquariums (or aquaria?) are such things.

It is true that travel with toddlers allows you to wonder at the world like a child again. Without all the jaded baggage that I have acquired over the years. Toddlers are amazed at everything, and so by extension I derive enjoyment from their enjoyment. So watch out zoos, theme parks and science museums! Maybe even Ripley’s Believe or Not and Madam Tussaud’s. Or maybe not.

What I was trying to say is, don’t let kids put off your passion for travel! It is still possible to have an adventure with a kid in tow. It might require a bit more planning, but definitely worth it 🙂

But I am not here to preach about that. I wanted to share some juicy colourful photographs from the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium.

The tricky thing in aquarium places is the lighting… Fish swim so quickly, you can’t use flash (it harms fish and reflects off the glass anyway). So ISO was duly cranked up to get to an acceptable shutter speed…

Fishy amongst green foliage
I found Nemo!
More colourful fish
Contrarian fish
Suction cup octopus
More coral goodness

Last but not least…

Could this be… human???

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