Crazy Weather in Petone

I am constantly told that you can’t beat Wellington on a good day. Unfortunately, out of the 5 days I was there it was nothing but wind and rain (and cold, but apparently Aucklanders are not allowed to complain about cold). The biting southerly wind seemed to be especially worse in Petone, the township just directly on the other side of Wellington Harbour. There was a kind of wind tunnel effect going on and the grid layout of Petone streets didn’t help.

In spite of it all, I braved the elements (until I couldn’t feel my hands anymore) and strolled through the famous waterfront of Petone. There’s a nice pier there, and at the end of the pier there is a little shed.

The biggest challenge photographing in these conditions was taking long exposures. I only had a Gorillapod with me and it was not sturdy enough to stay still in the face of Wellington wind so I couldn’t take the long exposures needed to smooth out the sea. But the choppy water still looked cool anyway I thought.

Choppy Wellington Sea
Choppy Wellington Sea

Here is the little old shed at the end of the wharf.

Shed at Petone Pier
Shed at Petone Pier

And here is the entrance to the wharf.

Petone Wharf
Petone Wharf

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