Dunedin in Daytime

On my last day in Dunedin I finally got the chance to have a look around before the sun disappeared. Dunedin has a very pleasant vibe, laid back and full of old historical buildings. Kind of reminded me of Europe. Trivia: Dunedin is the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh. So a piece of Scotland in New Zealand then.

I’ve been told that the Railway Station is one of the most photographed buildings in NZ. It certainly is pretty. I like it better in daytime.

Dunedin Railway Station
Dunedin Railway Station

The First Church of Otago is an imposing Gothic structure just off the Octagon. Very tranquil grounds and there is a little museum/exhibition inside showing photos of early Dunedin.

First Church of Otago
First Church of Otago

Last but not least, Speights Brewery! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do a proper brewery tour… I got distracted with the Lego Exhibition at the Art Gallery instead. Maybe next time!

Speights Brewery
Speights Brewery

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Midwinter Dunedin


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