Midwinter Dunedin

Last winter I spent a week in Otago for work. Actually, it’s nice saying last winter, it is almost spring here though you won’t know it with the rain pounding just outside.

Due to long hours on site and short day time hours, I never actually saw Dunedin in daylight until Friday afternoon. So what’s a poor boy to do with a camera? Any sane person would stay in the hotel while it was sub-zero outside. But I armed myself with my duffel coat and chunky scarf, and braved the brittle cold to do a bit of street photography.

Actually one of the challenges of taking photos in such cold weather is condensation on the camera. The rain didn’t help either. I have heard of people using towels to insulate the camera while taking long exposures. I guess I didn’t worry too much about this because… (a) there was lack of preparation, I even only had a GorillaPod for long exposures (b) I was more interested in getting candids of the almost empty streets nearing midnight.

Dunedin man crossing street
Dunedin man crossing street… I loved the shadow thrown by the street light
Dunedin street at night
Dunedin street at night
Fast and Furious on Princess St
Fast and Furious on Princess St
Railway Station
Railway Station… I find it a really tricky building to do a nice picture of! Maybe I need a super wide lens, or a fish eye.

If you like this post and want to see more of Dunedin, check out my part 2!

Dunedin in Daytime


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