The Edge of the Long White Cloud

Invercargill gets a lot of flak in NZ… maybe because it’s so remote from the rest of the country. Or maybe because I live among JAFAs.

But I do like the old buildings that you find in the town, and everyone loves the local hero, Burt Munro of the world’s fastest Indian fame.

Famous Invercargill Water Tower
Invercargill’s most famous landmark: The Water Tower
St Mary's Basilica
St Mary’s Basilica – I do love a nice dome on a church
"Rustic" building in Invercargill
“Rustic” building in Invercargill

Further south from Invercargill itself is a town called Bluff. This is pretty much almost at the end of the long white cloud. It feels a bit bleak (maybe because of the weather) you do feel like you’re at the edge of the world here. Surprisingly there’s a nice restaurant right by the end of the road called Land’s End.

The sculpture below in the shape of a chain is a reference to a Maori legend, where it is said that Maui (a legendary warrior) pulls up the great fish (North Island) from his boat (South Island) which was chained to a big rock (Stewart Island).

Soaking up the blue weather in Bluff
Human presence at Foveaux Strait
Human presence at Foveaux Strait

It was finally time to go home so let’s say goodbye to the Southland for now.

Invercargill Airport
Invercargill Airport

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