Sydney #3: Australia Day Fireworks

The thing with being primarily on holiday is that you don’t always bother to camp out for the best photo spots for big events like fireworks. Things like keeping family happy, meeting friends, and eating tend to get in the mix for priority. Also when you’re carrying a toddler in a front pack, and a bag full of baby stuff, the last thing you want to carry around is a tripod.

As a result, our viewing of Australia Day Fireworks in Darling Harbour was mostly done behind some pillars, trees and people’s backs.

So… I decided to get a bit creative and tried to capture the atmosphere of the place instead. This is the result, hope you like it 🙂

Fireworks Child
Looks like kids have a better view
Fireworks Flag
Aussie Aussie Aussie!

It must be said that these days people prefer to view things through their phones/cameras/tablets… I’m definitely guilty of it sometimes!

Fireworks Phone
Fireworks through an LCD screen

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