Sydney #1: Around the Opera House

A visit to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without checking out the touristy sights… Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Especially if it’s your first time!

So here is my tribute to this iconic building!

They always say that for famous sights, do the cliche postcard ones first to get them out of the way, so here goes, from the Harbour Bridge Pylon.

Sydney Opera House
From Harbour Bridge Pylon
Sydney CBD
Sydney CBD from Harbour Bridge Pylon

You can also do some more cliche shots around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the west side of the Royal Botanic Gardens. When I researched Sydney, most photos I’ve seen were always sunny but I guess you can’t always guarantee good weather! But I kind of dig this overcast/moody feel to these photos anyhow.

Opera House and Harbour Bridge
Opera House and Harbour Bridge from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair
Opera House and Harbour Bridge
Opera House and Harbour Bridge from Royal Botanic Gardens

So moving away from cliche shots, I decided to take a closer look and take in more of the details. Up close you can clearly see the creamy tiles that makes up the famous exterior of the Opera House. Actually they look like the kind of tiles people use for the exterior of apartment buildings in Asia. Are they meant to be an off-white colour or is this the result of aging?

Opera House Exterior
Opera House Exterior

There’s actually quite a bit of construction working going on around the Opera House at the time of my visit. Also on Australia Day they put in a lot of fences which were distracting to my composition. But finally I got a pretty good angle to one of the many facades to the building that I was happy with. The brown colours kind of give me a 60s/70s vibe.

Opera House Facade
Opera House Facade

Some more detail of the tiles. Since the shells of the Opera House were supposed to evoke sails of the harbour, I thought it would be cool to add some ropes in the picture too 🙂

Opera House
Opera House Tile Details

Last but not least… it looks like the craze of chaining love padlocks is alive and kicking in Sydney as well!

Sydney Opera House Locks
Love lockdown by the Opera House

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