Taiwan #7: Kaohsiung

We based ourselves in Kaohsiung for the rest of our Taiwan adventure. This is the wife’s hometown and we were showered with so much hospitality. They put up with my strange requests to take me places to take photos. Even the wife agreed to drop me off at a camera shop to buy a 35mm prime lens!

Being Taiwan’s prime industrial port city, water felt like the Kaohsiung’s lifeblood and the balmy temperatures gave it almost a tropical vibe.

Cijin Island kind of reminds me of Pangandaran Beach in Indonesia where we used to go during school holidays.

Cijin Island

Here is the skyline of Kaohsiung with Tuntex Tower (tallest building in Taiwan before Taipei 101 took over).

Kaohsiung Taiwan

I didn’t really ask anyone to confirm, but I guess the writings being hung here are prayers. These were hung in front of a temple near the old British Consulate at Takou.

Kaohsiung Taiwan

Back inland, there are some touristy things as well, like this Nine-Turn Bridge in Chengqing Lake. The massive building in the background is the Kaohsiung Grand Hotel, which is related to a similarly massive hotel in Taipei.

Nine Turn Bridge Kaohsiung

A couple romancing and/or resting at the Lotus Lake pavilion.

Lotus Lake Kaohsiung

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