Taiwan #4: Maokong

I’ve been wanting to go to Maokong for years. Go up a mountain in a gondola, find a tea shop overlooking the city and valley down below, and drink tea. Sounds so tranquil.

We actually almost missed out on this excursion. The original plan was to go to Taipei 101 and have a look-around. But wife’s cousin said that Taipei 101 is pretty lame compared to going up a mountain to drink tea. My parents and wife were convinced (daughter’s vote didn’t count). Democracy prevailed and I was outvoted.

But I’m so glad that we changed our plans.

This was the view we were treated to in the gondola.

Maokong Taipei

And this is the view we were treated to in the tea shop as the sky got darker.

Maokong Taipei

To get to Maokong from Taipei, take the MRT eastward on the brown line, right to the end to Taipei Zoo. There’s a bit of walking from the MRT stop to the gondola station. I recommend taking the glass-bottomed gondola (called the Eye of Maokong) so you can see how ridiculously high up you get. Also the queue splits off for glass-bottomed gondola and normal gondola, and for some reason the glass-bottomed gondola has a shorter line (same price… I know, right?).

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