Canterbury Tales: Crusader City Rebuild

It’s been a while, but last time we looked at the Christchurch Red Zone, 2 years on from the big earthquake. I thought it was a bit depressing to just show the city as a bunch of rubble. It made it look kind of defeatist which is totally not the vibe I was getting.

There’s lots of rebuilding going on and despite the tragic aftermath of the earthquake, life goes on. People pick up their lives and build awesome new things where old things used to be. It will be really cool to see what Christchurch will become in 5, 10, 20 years from now.

My favourite example of this is the RE:Start Mall. I can’t actually remember what the old mall looked like, so it was most probably just your average city mall that you’d find anywhere. Post-quake, the mall is now a funky array of old containers refitted as retail space. I’ve always wanted a container in my backyard so I find this idea especially cool.

Restart Mall Christchurch

While politicians and other stakeholders decide what will become of the old Christchurch Cathedral, a “temporary” cathedral is being constructed nearby made of cardboard! This looks to be of a contemporary design but I look forward to seeing the final result.

Cardboard Cathedral Christchurch

Tourism also goes on as usual. Christchurch has a reputation of being the most “English” city in New Zealand and we made river punting our “touristy” must do item during our stay.

Avon River Christchurch


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