Rainbow’s End

Last Friday our good friend gave us guest passes at Rainbow’s End. They were having an evening event to launch the new Kidz Kingdom. Being new parents, we were quite excited to bring daughter to her first ever theme park trip! It turned out that the only ride she could go on was the carousel, and that was on the chair that didn’t move up and down.

I’d never actually been to Rainbow’s End. Not being a fan of thrill rides, it was never high on my list of things to do. But theme parks at night are rather enchanting. There’s something to be said about the abundance of neon lights that light up and move around everywhere. So I let the wife go crazy with rollercoasters with my friend, and I hung out with daughter while indulging in my photographic pursuits. It was a win-win.

This being an evening theme park event, a tripod was a must for photography. But remember to consider the size of your tripod. I was so thankful for my Gorillapod, which was big enough to fit a DSLR, but compact enough that it didn’t get in the way and become a trip hazard. I basically left my camera on it and dangled it around my neck, as it wasn’t heavy at all (compared to my bigger tripod).

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End

You, sir, have an awesome hat.


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