Coromandel Summer

Totally forgot about this set of photos… this was from our little weekend getaway back in February. Coromandel Peninsula is super awesome in summer. Little towns, beaches, fun roads to drive on (read: winding!), local artists, lots of cafes and fish & chips… Truly the epitome of a kiwi summer. And this was the first time I’ve been to the Cathedral Cove!

We first stopped at a lookout in Tairua where there was a lot of water activities going on…

Tairua Coromandel

Tairua Coromandel


Tairua Coromandel

Nek minnit we headed to the famous Cathedral Cove. It involved a 45-min one way walk first though.

Cathedral Cove Walk

Cathedral Cove Walk

Cathedral Cove Walk

Cathedral Cove Walk

The apparently can’t-be-missed fish & chips in Whitianga at Snapper Jack’s!

Fish and Chips

Next day we went to Coromandel Township to take the delightfully touristy train ride up to the Eyefull Tower (get it?). Train rides are always a lot of fun, especially so in a tiny one where you zip past bushes, ferns and tunnels!

Coromandel Train


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