Auckland Seafood Festival for the 99%

Last weekend we had this annual event called the Auckland Seafood Festival. Fairly self-explanatory, you pay your entry fee to go in, and get to sample lots of different types of seafood. You can also pay a bit extra for a proper sit down meal in the nice ambience you always find in Auckland around January… when it’s not raining.

OK so Auckland Seafood Festival tickets weren’t that expensive. But I was unorganised and taking a baby in a pram to a festival full of people didn’t sound too appealing (seemed a bit stressful in my head anyway). Instead, I took the wife, child and parents, who happened to be visiting in the weekend, to the Auckland Fish Market. I’d actually never been before and boy, does it have a happy vibe! I don’t know how I’ve missed out on this, having been a local for almost 10 years now. And I used to live in the CBD too!

Anyways, since seafood is the theme of the festival, this post’s theme shall be food… glorious seafood.

Auckland Fish Market

Auckland Fish Market

Auckland Fish Market

This time I am trying to concentrate more on textures on my composition. Feel the slimy freshness coming out of the photograph! Well hopefully anyway. Let me know what you think!

All in all, I definitely recommend the Auckland Fish Market. Lots of food stalls, live music in the weekend, various groceries (even if a little overpriced). It’s a nice place for a relaxed cup of coffee on a Saturday morning before checking out the Wynyard Quarter (more on this next time…).


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